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For some odd reason, it used to be fashionable to look like this. I have no idea why. In the 17th century, a popular style was bombasting your clothes. This meant that they would stuff their clothes with padding to make it look bigger and give the look of being filled with marshmallows. I have no idea why this style was considered attractive, especially when everyone usually wants to highlight their figure.
Women usually added padding to their sleeves and men added padding to the stomach area (making an artificial beer belly). The padding could weigh anywhere from four to six pounds!
So sexy, isn't she?
Here's to hoping this fashion trend never comes back! (The padding of other areas of the body has, however, continued with extra padding in bras.)
No way am I carrying around 6 extra pounds of clothing just to look chic. Sorry QE2, your fashion style was wack.
Amen to that!
I wish this was still in fashion whenever I'm feeling bloated hahah no one would know if I am looking chubbier or if it was just my clothes!
Haha the only problem is the poofy part for women was the arms, not the stomach like the men :(