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The Kardashians, whether we like it or not, are a phenomenon. The girls have lots going for them, but their confidence is by far their greatest asset. Keep reading for their tips on being yourself, loving your body and paying the haters no mind.
Kim is arguably the most beautiful woman in the world. What really makes her that way though is her confidence, how she cares for herself and her family. Kim may be flawed, but we all are. It takes guts to put yourself out in the public eye every day and takes a special kind of person to do so with grace. Beauty must start inside or people will never see the outer.
Confidence comes from all directions, but mostly it comes from self assurance. Kourtney is never afraid to tell people how she feels. We have to begin to share our opinions more and we should never be afraid to stand up for ourselves.
Don't be afraid to flaunt your assets (pun intended)! Confidence is being able to accept your body for what it is, and if you're little, big, thin, round, thick, whatever, it is beautiful!
Khloe has always been public about her struggles with weight, self-doubt and confidence issues, but in recent history she's grown into herself. Though her family is in the public eye constantly she never loses her sense of self. We can take a page out of her book by accepting the little things that make us unique.
Do what you want! Confidence is rooted in that if nothing else. We may not always know what we want, or why we want it, but if it makes us feel good than that's one step in the right direction.
Our goal should be to be healthy and happy, but with the media and other societal pressures telling us otherwise, it can be hard. Kim has always been curvy and her body confidence and positivity has developed a trend as of late. With more and more women coming forward to say they love themselves, it's made it easier for us to. If you love yourself, nobody will have an excuse not to love you too! And even if they don't...who cares!
Being honest with ourselves is not always easy, but it's the mark of a confident person. If we can look in the mirror and understand our flaws, we're one step closer to accepting them. It's a long road to trusting yourself, but with a little bit of awareness each day we can make it shorter.
Confident people have no regrets. In life, we have choices every day. We can choose to get up, go to the gym, go to work, get a degree...whatever. We can't regret our decisions, we must move forward. Each decision makes us who we are. Never forget that.
The Kardashians created an empire based on their confidence. Each thing they do is utterly unique to them. We can take a page out of their book by choosing to accept ourselves for who we are, because we're great. Nobody can take away your happiness but you.
I think it's kind of awesome that Kim was able to rise from something like a sex tape. I feel like that puts you in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, even when it was something private she made with her then-boyfriend that was leaked and never meant to be distributed anyway. She could have let that tear her down, but she's been able to take all the negative attention and at least turn it into something more positive.
I am in no way a Kardashian fan, but I can respect how confident they are. They're a good level of confidence to strive for!
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