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The World is a Beautiful Place
In which snow falls, sometimes for hours on end.
And when you're outside, it's astounding, it is everywhere, it envelops you.
You look up to its source, bursting with wonder.
But see nothing.
Now from inside,
It becomes only more mystical
And extraordinary
Watching on through a window frame.
* * *
The World is a Frightening Place
In which snow falls, and it seems it may never stop.
You dare to step outside, and its weighlessness sinks you, dominating your being.
You look up to identify its source, the horrible and grisly beast responsible -
'Know thy enemy' -
But see nothing.

@buddyesd thank you! I hadn't thought of that Shining image but it definitely fits!
i like how the snow is used in the beautiful place and the frightening place. it makes me think of a Christmas morning and then the maze in the shining
Thanks. I was hoping that leaving it unbalanced would allow for the positive half to hold more weight than the second half. So its intentional. But I definitely played around with a fourth stanza
I like the duality of the halves here, and I think one last mirroring stanza would make it even more impactful.