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Hi Guys~ I will do live recap when it airs on Mon&Tue! So follow me, and see the updated card :D Let's start ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SJ watches the VOD showing that SK approaches SJ with the purpose of money. HDE, SJ's friend says in the past when YJ left him, he couldn't accept the reality. This is the same case, SJ : There are two people who I know in this VOD. IH: What? Are you serious? Look closely.. SJ changes the subject. SK: What if..the same thing happens again...how does he do? HDE: ...It should not happen again...but if it happens...stay with him always, even i don't know what will he do. SJ calls SK. At his home, SK is just haning around to find him. SK: Is there SJ? Where are you? SJ behaviors calmly as if nothing had happened. YJ and TMH get worried whether she reveal the secret or not. YJ visits IH's office to check whether she reveals or not. YJ: Did you tell the truth? IH: Good job. but how long could he keep..? At his home, SK: Your eyes are so pretty...even now.. SJ is just looking her eyes.. TMH calls her to check what happens. TMH says that SJ keeps up with everything. SK gets disappointed that this situation, he cannot accept the reality. She turned off her cell phone. SJ : Come here SK, I have something to tell you. We are going to be busy..from tomorrow like reserving the wedding room, making the invitation..things like that.. SJ has a sigh. TMH: How is it going? Is it okay to stay her with SJ? YJ: SK decides this choice, we have to respect it. SK reminds her memory.. being told by SJ's father and HDE. SK: I can bear everything..all is my fault...i never run away. (She talks to herself) In the morning. SK: Did you sleep well? A few days ago, you said that you're poor guy, right? but for me, you're really good guy...You don't have to do a effort looing good for me.. SJ: ...SK..there is a place that I want to show you.. hurry up. In the Church. SK: Why are we here? SJ: We are going to put flowers here and candles there. Of course, you're most beautiful in this church. SJ imagines that there are guests in this church in their wedding. An officiating pastor officiates at their wedding. An officiating pastor: If you have an objection, tell me now or keep silent forever. SJ: i have no objection. SK, answer please. SK: i have something to tell you....i'm...... You have to be heard this... I lied... (SJ changes his face ..glaring at her fiercely.) SJ: Don't do that! If you tell the one word, i will kill you There is nothing happens..don't say anything..nothing will change. SK: I'm sorry...it's my fault, not your fault. Don't blame yourself. You don't have to accept all the things..The person who has to go to the hell is me, not you.. SJ: You ruin everything! SK reminds his saying. SJ- I believe if someone reveals everything to their partner, embracing even the fault, it is love. I believe this is love. SK calls several times to him. But he didn't answer. (Really senstive OST...) SJ and SK both are crying. SK calls HDE to help me. SK: Please contact him..hurry up we have to find him. SK is searching for him..calling Moon secretary. SK: Please let me know anywhere that SJ can go around. At that time, SJ's father meets SK. SJ's father scolds her that she had to play innocent! He instruct that she has to find him immediately. SJ's father refuses the company meeting because IH reveals the secret. IH's family urges her answer what did she do to him? IH: I will tell everything..i will let you know everything at home. After watching the VOD, IH's mother gets angry and says cruel words to her. IH's mother : This is a unbased girl! How foolish! IH's father scolds IH. Because of your emotion, you ruined business relationship. you lose this game. YJ's husband: When did you lie for me? Do you want to sponge off me like this? YJ: Now,Is it important? ..Do i get divorced? YJ's husband: Right, that's right. This is too frankly. YJ: You said, do you want to sponge off?..no...i did this..to protect me...i want to show me off to the people who i like. IH's family discuss about how they handle this happening. IH's family keep her in this home until we tie the relationship with Loyal company. They're going to use YJ. YJ: We both, game over. SK is still searching for him everywhere. TMH: Where are you?? SK: There is no SJ... There is no SJ..here... TMH: Where are you now!! TMH is concerned her. SK is crying saying that I haven't revealed myself yet. TMH gives her an advice that goes back his house. She notices that he will go to Paris to run away this reality. Immediately after hearing this, she rushes to go to the airport. Before entering the door, SK catches him.. SJ: What are you doing? There's no way now to put things back the way they were. There is no Hansaekyeong in my world. SK: If you want to part with me, then i will disppaear. But i haven't revealed myself yet. you have to watch it as you did. It's my turn. After you know all the things about me, and then you want to leave me, then do that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish ㅜnㅜ SJ knows the truth..and he gets angry.. how could she deal with this problem..
when I can see a live recap episode 15?
thank you!! i didn't really expect this or did i? lol.. seung jo.. please don't break.. ep 15 are always painful.. see you next week
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