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If you have ever lifted heavy weights, this phrase might make you tick.
But, I do remember that when I first started lifting weight, this is the exact same thing I told my bodybuilder friend. It’s very important to know that for women to become “bulky” due to weight lifting, takes far more work, diet control, and supplementation than you think.
When I first started lifted weight I did not instantly transform into She-Hulk.
(I wish)
I looked like me -- except that my waist got smaller, I had some ab definition, and my legs could have been sculpted by the Greek gods themselves. Oh, and I got so freaking strong. I was lifting double my body-weight.
“You can lift nearly 300lbs? You don’t like the kind of girl that could.”
Yes, someone walked up me at the gym and said this to me.
Maybe it could have been that I was wearing pink gym clothes and makeup. I have always believed that my super awesome liquid eyeliner gives me incredible strength.
yeah my friend is 105! she's a very small vietnamese girl but she always ends up on top in her weight class
Yes! One of the strongest girls on my powerlifting team hardly weighed 115lbs. She was super tiny, but oh mann was she strong! @onlydreaming
Amen to the liquid eyeliner comment hahaha! And 300lbs is damn impressive, you rock!
i have a friend who powerlifts and she's also the tiniest girl i know.. the last thing i would ever call her is bulky!
Try the liquid eyeliner thing -- it works ;)
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