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I'm warning you now, none of you are getting the Winter Soldier because Bucky Barnes is not a villain. That being said...
If your first name starts with the letter A-F, you are Brock Rumlow (and if you've been keeping up eith MCU news, you know that CATWS wasn't the last we've seen of him). You are ruthless, loyal only to Hydra, and you know that "order only comes from pain". Are you ready for yours?
Are you feeling fiendish? If the first letter of your name starts with G-L, that's probably because your MCU villain persona is Loki. You're a trickster, not above dabbling in world domination, and you have great tasted in helmets. You are "burdened with glorious purpose" and that's exactly how you like it. Kneel!
If your name starts with M-S, I'm gonna challenge you to a dance-off, because you're Ronan. Brutal and powerful, you think kindness is a weakness, and you definitely pick favorites. Your enemies may try to make peace with you, but their treaties are "the tinder on which they burn". Sounds fair.
Have you been feeling held down lately? Probably not if your name begins with T-Z, because you're Ultron. The ultimate act of hubris gone completely awry, you see the worst in people, because people are terrible. "Everyone creates the thing they dread," and you are the thing that nightmares are afraid of. There are no strings on you.
@IlseJimenez he's in my top 5 favorite villains! Are you excited for Ragnarok?
@Shannonl5 *sad face* Ronan...
Loki $! lol
yes!!! Loki!!!
Of course I get Loki, I'm cool with that lol.
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