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There’s tap-dancing, belting men in tights, and did I mention Shakespeare? Written by the creators of “Book of Mormon” Broadway’s new Something Rotten is chalk-full of broadway puns, and nerdy theatre jokes. It will have your favorite theatre geek friends rolling on the floor laughing.
The show itself takes place during the Renaissance (the opening number is Welcome to the Renaissance, full of hilarious plague-related puns), and follows two Playwright brothers who are looking out to create a hit! But alas! William Shakespeare is stealing all the fame as the big playwright in town.
One of the brothers seeks the advice of a sooth-sayer who tells him to write a musical! And it’s a great idea. But he also gives some bad advise about the title of the show, which he suggests should be “Omelet.” (A misread fortune of the Shakespeare hit “Hamlet”)
The Bottom Brothers fight for the fame they deserve in this hilarious musical.
The musical itself is full of fabulous references that only the true-musical lover would enjoy. The album released on iTunes yesterday.
Some of my favorite songs:
1. A Musical - a song that essentially explains the genius of musical! Complete with a tap-dance break down!
2. Hard to be the Bard - Shakespeare laments how hard it is to be famous. Christian Borle (also in Spamalot and Legally Blond) kills it as this Elvis-like stud.
3. To Thine Own Self Be True - Nigel Bottom (played by the fabulous John Cariani) is a beautiful ballad full of the best Shakespearean quotes. I cried from the beauty.
“You should do a musical!”
“What the hell are musicals?”
“It appears to be a play, where the dialogue stops...and the plot is conveyed through song!”
“So, an actor is saying his lines, and then outta no where...he just starts singing?!”
(sang) “Well that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.”
I died of laughter.