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Find out what member of EXO you are with this quiz! Answer the questions below and add up the points in the (parentheses) to find out :)

7-8 Points

You're Baekhyun!
You're adorable, lovable, and just a giant bundle of cute. You're incredibly talented but you can also be incredibly lazy - which is totally fine with you!

9-10 Points

You're Xiumin!
You're full of energy and almost always full of food. You're never really sitting still but at the same time you're a big fan of lounging on the couch.

11-12 Points

You're Kyungsoo!
HI SQUISHY! YOU'RE CUTE! You are always in your own little world but whatever that world is, its adorable. But when you're mad...scary stuff man!

13-14 Points

You're Suho!
I hate to break it to you like this, but you are the biggest dork in the world. Luckily, you're also really friendly and great and cute and talented and wonderful. But yeah, you're a dork.

15-16 Points

You're Chen!
You aren't much cooler than Suho, but your voice makes it easy to fake it. You're super suave on stage but a totally geek off stage.

17-18 Points

You're Kai!
You're a magical creature that can sing, dance, model, and act and you're generally just a cute puppy that is also incredibly sexy? Congratulations.

19-20 Points

You're Tao!
You are a super cuddly panda that can also kick anyone's ass if you wanted to. You're not one to be messed with - ever!

21-22 Points

You're Lay!
Wow. You're an angel on earth. You are too pure for this world. Let me worship you.

23-24 Points

You're Sehun
Like Lay, you are also not from this world, but you're just a crazy alien. You've got a big attitude behind that innocent face and you aren't great at hiding it.

25-26 Points

You're Chanyeol!
...Marry me? You're creative, hilarious, kind, and just the grooviest person alive. I love you.
I was only one point away from my bias. :'(((( But I think I can handle being Suho. He's my favorite in his new reality TV show anyway. DORKS UNITE.
lmaaoo I'm kyungsoo :'D I'm honestly not surprised. when I'm bored I watch pororo on dramafever no joke.
Tao~~~ Daebak!! I love Tao !
Suho, yay!
I got Suho! We can be dorks together! \( ̄▽ ̄)/ @danidee
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