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In the wake of her engagement to L.A. Lakers player Nick Young, Iggy Azalea cancelled her North American tour. Iggy spoke to Seventeen Magazine to squash rumors that it was an internal issue that caused her to cancel. Azalea stated that it was a desire for personal growth that led to her decision to cancel her nationwide run. After reading the interview, here are some reasons why it was a great idea by Iggy to cancel the tour.
1-Going on tour with acts you aren't confident in is a recipe for disaster.
When T.I. was unavailable to go on tour with Iggy, it left her in limbo in regards to who she wanted to go on the road with. She replaced T.I. with Tinashe and Nick Jonas, but after she postponed the dates until September, both acts were forced to withdraw due to commitments elsewhere. Finding the proper support acts is an art. If you choose the wrong ones that don’t fit sonically with your sound, it can cause the fans to get restless. Her choice to cancel may be attributed to the fact that she couldn’t lock in the acts she wanted on the road with her.
2-Performing the same music can be a drain on the artist.
Iggy is ready for a new direction and is tired of performing the same songs. In a statement to Seventeen Magazine, Azalea said “I want to start totally anew,” she said. “I need a break to figure out what I want my sound to progress to, and I need a break to figure out how I want my visuals to progress.”
In regards to her thoughts on performing the same songs, Iggy said “It can kind of wear on you, too, when you’ve been doing the same material for a really long time. Even though a lot of people just discovered it, I am a musician and a creative person and I want to be able to perform new stuff and do new things. I feel like I’m at the end of an era now. To go on a tour in late September and to stay in that mindset of what I’d envisioned for that tour, I feel like that would stifle me.”
3-A break from live shows will allow Iggy to stay in one place for awhile and create new music.
Sometimes as fans we get so caught up in the need to see an artist live that we forget that they need time to create. Artists are people as well, it’s imperative they get downtime to soak in new things, reflect on their experiences since the last project and get in the studio to record. When asked about the need of a break, Azalea responded by saying “to be honest with you, I just feel I deserve a break. I’ve been going non-stop for the past two years, nearly every single day. I’m not in a bad place. I think sometimes when you say you need a mental break, people are like, ‘A mental break? Be sure you don’t have a breakdown because you’re sad.’”
@danidee @VinMcCarthy dear god, what have I unleashed on my fellow
@christianmordi yeah. because she's the worst. like, definitively.
I think Iggy cancelling her tour is awesome, but for a whole different reason.
Yeah, I mean, I guess Nick Jonas's songs are alright, but he does nothing for Iggy's image. She's already getting a lot of heat. She should choose people who give her stuff a little more credibility
@beywatch I'm a big Tinashe fan, so I agree that wouldve made a lot of since. I think she would've done better by adding a live band instead of Jonas. Something with a bit more energy, you know?
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