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The media has somewhat strayed away from a world where looking like a super thin, 12-year-old boy, is appealing. Recently, a lot of celebrities and high-status individuals have been promoting healthy living and workout trends via social media and encouraging others to do the same. You may be thinking, “Oh, sure it’s easy for them to look like that with a personal trainer, nutritionist, dietician, etc.” but in actuality, it’s just as easy for you to make a kale smoothie and eat a bowl of quinoa. You just need to make some lifestyle changes to see a difference.
Have you ever seen those people who are constantly eating pizza, chips and ice cream without a care in the world and still manage to have an amazing body? Yes, you secretly wish you could do the same, but you often wonder how healthy that person truly is if they’re fueling their bodies with processed foods and sugars.
There’s nothing wrong with being skinny and fit; however, there is something wrong with being skinny and unhealthy. Forget worrying about whether or not you have a thigh gap, exposed collarbones, or protruding hipbones. Focus your energy on appreciating the body you were born with. Essentially you’re in your own skin until the moment you die. You might as well start accepting it now.
Hitting the gym and eating right to look better or “skinnier” cannot be your only motivation. The thrill will eventually wear off and you will start to feel discouraged when you don’t see results fast enough. Making positive changes that build around the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is what keeps individuals motivated and inspired. Not the superficial aspect of losing weight and being thin.
You can learn to train your mind to see the good in every situation. Truth is you may not be able to have that slice of cake, but you did have that delicious gluten-free brownie to satisfy your sweet tooth and honestly, it probably tasted delicious.
Once you do something eat day that brings you one step closer to your personal goals and I guarantee you will not only see a difference physically, but mentally as well. So, the next time you’re caught up in conversation with a group of friends or family, instead of saying you want to be skinny, try saying you want to be healthy.
I have friends like that - the super skinny ones who eat everything. One of them recently got diagnosed with hypertension, and he was like "WHAAAT? HOW?"
@caricakes That reminds me of this card ( about Candice Swanepoel!
My thoughts exactly @caricakes! They all look so much healthier without every bone in their bodies sticking out
I'm digging Victoria Secret and new supermodels in general that are promoting healthy exercise and diet routines. Sure, they're thin, but they are strong and healthy too!