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Well, sort of reasonable. For those not in the know, Edgar Allan Poe was found on a roadside one evening, wearing clothes that definitely did not belong to him, seemingly intoxicated even though it's been confirmed by miltople sources that he was not a heavy drinker. He suffered from fever and delisions until he died a few days later. Sounds like a wild night, huh?
The Smithsonian has been kind enougn to complile a list of prevailing theories for this sudden bizarre death (including heavy metal poisoning, rabies, and a brain tumor), but my personal favorite is the cooping explanation. Since elections were so contentious during this period, people were frequently abducted, drugged and beaton, and forced to vote multiple times. Their clothes were also often switched to fool election workers. via Israel Centeno:
"The electoral setting and the remarkable corruption and violence therein must be taken into account: Political gangsterism, storming polling centers to steal ballot boxes containing citizens’ votes, the paltry value of human life, a lack of respect for basic rights, and threats against undecided swing voters are just some examples."
Definitely not the way I want to go.
Um, I am from right here in Richmond, VA, his home town. I am going to check this out. His house is very very tiny like a one roomed size made of stone. I live in a very historical area we were the Capitol at one point here in Williamsburg, and sadly we are the capital of the confederacy as well, we also have given birth to many great Presidents, Actors, Singers, Writers, Athletes! We are definitely Southern with a gentile nature yet conspiracy could easily have befallen someone around those times on the "wrong side" of the political thoughts. So I'll check out his supposed real death too as listed here locally!
That's so cool! For a while there was someone who toasted his gravesite in Baltimore every year. It was something I planned on seeing, but it sounds like they've stopped.