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Don't come back: fanny packs
Yes, I think we can all agree that fanny packs are handy. But please tell me that we can all also agree that this style is one that should stay in the history books. Fashion designers and some celebrities have tried desperately to bring the hip accessory back. Thank goodness, they have not been successful so far with the commercial public. Let's keep carrying our necessities to backpacks and purses, deal? And just to convince you, here are some pictures of fanny pack styles.
No, Snooki, no.
Just no.
If Jared Leto can't make fanny packs look good, no one can.
It's like trying to model with a bad haircut.
This look... I don't even know what to say.
Amen to that!
When I go running I'm always tempted...but no. I go for the cool running pants with zippy pockets ;)
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Yay, that is a much better choice :)
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Dwayne Johnson really knows how to 'Rock' a fanny pack. Ha ha ha ha. Sorry, I had to.
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But you can't tell me that Jared Leto looks bad with a fanny pack. He's totally pulling it off!
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He doesn't look bad wearing it (but honestly, he doesn't look bad in anything) but I think he would look oh so much better without it :)
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