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I know what you're thinking, “I am so over these stupid, fad, fake, quick workout tricks that never get me the summer body before summer starts.”
And all I can say is … SAME
I hate the posts that give you false hope that you will have “6 pack abs in just 6 weeks.” Stop with all the miracle fat loss secrets that they will give up for the very vey low price of $28.99.
Just Shut Up.
But here I am to tell you what is the most beneficial move that you can add to your workout that will strengthen and tone everything you have ever wanted. It is also free. It also totally sucks.
And the workout is … BURPEES!
Ahhhhhh yes. The ever tough, never gets easier to do, makes you hate everything burpee. Body builders and fitness gurus alike believe burpees are known to help develop strength, power and anaerobic endurance. And yes you cardio loves, burpees count. It incorporates a squat and a push up which is what makes it the worst ,yet best, body weight workout.
Heres how to do it:
Begin in a squat position. After squatting as far as you can place hands on the floor in front of you.
Kick your feet back to a pushup position.
Preform the push up!! If you do not have that strength for that yet remain in the plank pose for a second.
Immediately return your feet to the squat position.
Leap up as high as possible from the squat position. And I mean LEAP, keeping your hands in the air as you do it as well.
And that is a burpee. Hate me all you want now, you will soon see a difference in the amount you can do, and your own personal strength. I told you this wouldn't be the miracle, easy fat burning post, but you will see results I promise!!
Happy Burpeeing…or be as happy as you can be while burpeeing!
@galinda haha honestly just writing this post mad me tired!! Burpees are the worstttt
BURPEEEEES. My friend's dad and brother do them a lot and just watching them makes me tired. They are the fitness move from hell!
Whatever....just stay Fat! WE will all get old, fat and flabby sooner or later so why fight "mother-nature". (the battle you fight with yourself is the one you will always LOSE!). Have you seen Arnold Schwarzenegger lately? yeah he looks good for 75 years old but he's got saggy boobs and a beer gut...yep! "Mr. Fregin America"......or something like that, i know his accomplishments involved steroids , Bad acting and weight lifting somehow! I WILL "Burpee" my beer when I get gas! ....STAY FAT AND THIRSTY MY FRIENDS! LMAO.
I'm not fat, I'm severely underweight, but I would like to be healthier. Humans weren't designed for a sedentary lifestyle, I eat a lot, but I could never retain much body weight. Just thought maybe a workout could fix things. Thanks for this post :3
The only reason why I have fat is because I'm lazy and can't find the motivation to move. So first I'll have to find the motivation to actually exercise for once! And knowing that burpees might be the key to sucess is such a downer... But I know I'll find myself doing them sooner or later. Thanks for the tip, I'll keep it in mind and will put it to use when I ACTUALLY exercise.