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Last night my Twitter feed was exploding with tweets about #PrettyLittleLiars. It's not the only show with its own hashtag, in fact, it's part of a much larger trend. On Sundays, I accidentally read hundreds of #GameOfThrones spoilers and on Mondays, I laugh at the ridiculous things happening on #TheBachelorette, all thanks to Twitter.
I've never been one for using Twitter to react to TV, but now I'm wondering if it would enhance my viewing experience. Does the platform create a feeling of community as tweeters share an experience or does it detract from the overall experience because your attention is divided?
For those that frequently use Twitter to live tweet or react to TV shows, why do you like it?
Maybe next week, I'll live tweet #TheBachelorette, just to see if its fun!
I love when people live tweet things, but television spoilers are the worst!
Cool, thanks @shannonl5! Checking at commercial breaks is a good idea, fun but still not too distracting.
I usually check twitter during commercial breaks. It's fun when one of the actors or writers who worked on the show is tweeting along with it. It's like having the DVD commentary in real time.