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Who said we have to show devotion with a blood diamond? The times are changing and the range of acceptable styles is too. It's not every bride-to-be's style to rock a fat (or, let's be honest, tiny) diamond on a silver band for the rest of their life. Many jewelers are making beautiful alternative options that the most indie or fashion forward brides can get behind.
To start, who needs a diamond to begin with?
Other jewels that can replace the diamond entirely are just as stunning, and the dramatic blue of the sapphire above is dark and dramatic without being downright gothic.
By Satomi Kawakita Jewelry in NYC.
If you want a touch of diamond without the traditional cut, find an unusual stone offset by white diamond pave.
The diamonds above look anything but conventional with the rough cut of the ring and the ivory at the center, which is fossilized wooly mammoth! Find a ring that mixes the expected elements with the unexpected.
For another unconventional use of the more-conventional diamonds, go for a dainty arrangement not usually used for such a luxe jewel.
Though this ring uses a whole "constellation" of diamonds, the tiny chips barely add up to a big rock, and would speckle your ring finger in a delicate and surprising way.
Catbird always has great styles of alternative wedding and engagement rings, and generally manages to make unique jewelry in a small, dainty package. Second ring by Johnny Ninos.
When shape and form are on the conventional side, mix metals.
Though the diamonds are set more formally in bars, the combination of gold and rose gold lends a quirkiness, and emphasizes the asymmetry of the ring.
For the boldest bride-to-be who wants anything but cutesy, go black.
Hey, it'll go with almost anything you wear! (Except maybe an all-white wedding dress.) If you're looking for a show-stopper of a rock that's the furthest thing from your great-grandmother's ring, this ring is still technically a fat diamond, just a black one. Smaller black diamonds are similarly striking, and won't weigh your hand down as much.
The above is by MPL. Smaller black diamond ring by Catbird.
For a girlier style that's still far from the traditional engagement ring, go pink.
Though pink seems overly feminine to many, it's unexpected on an engagement ring, and will beautifully complement most any skin tone. The rough cut of the ring makes it look far from prissy, and the pink sapphire is a safe alternative to more morally-questionable diamonds.
Look for a ring with unconventionally-set stones.
Whether diamonds, sapphires, or other alternative jewels, find a ring with a setting other than the traditional circular or square, symmetrical base.
Sapphire ring above by Maison Margiela, second ring by Mirlo.
There are a host of other styles available that make the traditional diamond on a silver band look beyond boring. Once you expand your definition of what an engagement ring can be, you can include basically anything! Are you inspired yet?
The Johnny Ninos ring is really pulling me in. Both that one and the one by Catbird sort of remind me of coral.
My style is Art Deco. The rings of the period are large and masculine. Love that!
@NixonWoman I love them too! The huge one is a bit much for me but I love smaller black diamonds.
Hi @Gavriella. Just looking at your rings here. I love black diamonds. Thanks for the tag @darcysdiary
@darcysdiary No, I hadn't, but these are beautiful! Extravagant for sure, too.
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