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You buy me diamonds but that
does not mean you deserve the jewels
of my being.
I am wined and dined but that
does not mean you get to taste my innocence
for your dessert
And for the man, no sorry, I should say boy
for the boy who took innocent,
stole it with the simple lie of I love you;
this does not mean you get to possess my mind
longer than it took for you to have your way;
discard me like the dirty napkin at the
end of your meal.
You do not get to garden
my every thought, plant weeds amongst
the flowers just because you took mine,
ever so delicately,
when you trapped me between
my love
and your lust.
@timeturnerjones Thanks so much for the comment! I don't usually post my poetry anywhere so its nice to hear positive feedback!
this one made me think of my daughter
This line stuck with me after I read this earlier, and then came back to my mind again later: "this does not mean you get to possess my mind"
Your picture is great imagery for the ending of your poem. It shows you overcoming a disappointment and moving forward
This is great, I really love all the imagery and distortion of typical phrases used to describe giving away ones "innocence" (for lack of a better way to put that....) into something more about being trapped in a power struggle, which is what love or lust often lead us to.