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Cold-brewed coffee is a summer-time essential. We are often drinking iced coffee in the hot sun, but cold-brewed (or rather, brewed at room temperature) is an extra summer favorite. Perfect to make on camping trips or outdoor festivities because appliances to make hot water.
The only things you need to make this delightful treat?: Coffee grounds, Water, and A Fine-mesh Sieve (or other thin filter), and large container.
Add the grounds to the filter and place into container. Whatever amount of coffee you would like to make follow this rule when adding to the filter: to every 1 part coffee add 4.5 parts water. Now, this is the hard part. Let it steep for 12 hours. But trust me, it’s worth the wait.
After you let it steep, empty the water into a jug or large mason jar. You can also filter it one more time to make sure you don’t have any grounds in your final product! Add over ice then you’ve got a nice summertime drink.
Fun fact: Cold brews are known to be less acidic then regular cups of coffee, so they tend to be more mellow on your stomach.
Yes! I’ve made it with my French Press too and it turned out pretty well! It’s easy if you just want a small portion of cold-brewed coffee (mine is about 3 cups). But something tells me I’m going to want to make a giant pitcher of it for the summer... :)
I am sooooo into cold brew!!!! I actually have found a few different wants to do it so I don't have to buy a filtering system @danidee which is great, but it kind of depends what you have on hand! If you have a french press, you can actually cold brew in there and then filter out how you normally would. Then, if you want to double filter just put it back in and go one more time! I also have an aeropress, which I just like transfer the coffee from the container into there in sections and filter it! It's not exactly the cleanest process but I don't have to buy anything I don't already have! You can also just use like one of those mesh bags you can use for seasonings for soup into the container with the coffee in it so you can just take it out when you're done. /rant over. Can you tell I like coffee? haha!! Now to go buy the beans I want for my summer cold brew :)
@danidee YES! It’s a lot easier then most people think it is! A little messier, but that’s more fun anyway ;)
I love cold brew coffees! I had no idea that brewing it yourself could be that easy. I always thought you had to buy one of those $30 cold brewing systems. This sounds MUCH easier.