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Homemade Croissants with Honey Butter Drizzle! With a little time you can make your own flaky, buttery croissants at home with delicious honey butter drizzle.
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Those look so buttery and rich- I can feel myself getting hungry!
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Is it weird that I'm totally into that spoon? Where did you get it?!
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Not weird at all! I was actually pretty stoked when I found it in our silverware drawer :D I'm 99% sure that spoon came with a simple flatware set we picked up at Costco (so it had the whole gamut, forks knives spoons etc). You should be able to pick up one separate, though - I think they're called sugar spoons.
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It's so cute. It's got something of a vintage Parisian aesthetic, which TOTALLY works with something like croissants. These look phenomenal. I'm a little intimidated when it comes to baking breads though, which is a shame because croissants are my favorite when I'm drinking a coffee in the morning.
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