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Let's be honest, K-dramas wouldn't be nearly as fun without the male leads going over-the-board at times (or always).
Here are five recurring kinds that immediately come to mind.
The Overly Possessive - We ALL know this one. The once uptight and ignorant male lead turns a bit-too-possessive once he falls for the girl. Joo Joong Won is no exception (After all, the drama is aptly titled Master's Sun).
The Overly Protective - This guy just can't leave the girl alone. Under the impression that she's in constant danger, he'll turn obsessively clingy. There's a reason Choi Young Do was second lead.
The Overly Cute - These guys know how to use their aegyo, a bit too much. Don't you dare buing buing us, Lee Jong Suk!
The Overly Hyper - This character is almost never calm. Their constant restlessness is usually becomes their charm. Someone give Kang Min Hyuk more coffee!
The Overly Dramatic - For those of you who've watched Kill Me Heal Me, you know what I'm talking about! This guy is always DRAMATIC, whether he's angry, romantic or sad. Shin Se Gi is never NOT dramatic.
Our drama leads may be extreme in personality, but we love them none-the-less ^_^
I love the gif of Minhyuk! Yonghwa's face is PRICELESS. xD
Oh yes, we do! All of them!
I know! So funny! :D @poojas
@StephanieDuong Min Hyuk was coffee and food obsessed in that entire drama, hahaha.
so ji sub is the best lol i love master's sun and i love jisung in kill me heal me. it cracked me up so much!!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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