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The Suffragette movie trailer was released today and all feminists of the world should be excited.
In the early feminist movement things were tough, they took whatever means necessary to get the right to vote. Suffragettes starting riots, fires, and apparently blew up mailboxes (all depicted in the star-studded film).
Carey Mulligan looks perfect as the lead of this film, defying her husband and nearly making me break down in tears as you see her gain confidence and speak out. I cannot wait to see the full film and how she works with this role. Helena Bonham Carter, who is known for her usually evil and creepy villain-type character switches it up in this role as a early feminist.
Meryl Streep plays Emmeline Pankhurst, which is the perfect casting choice. Meryl is exactly the kind of woman I can see starting a revolution.
It doesn’t come out in theaters until October 23, 2015, but I’m already excited to get my ticket. I’m beyond thrilled to see this feminist flick.
@nicolejb, totally, i was getting all of the goosebumps while watching it
I had no idea this was in the works but this is like my DREAM casting. I love all of these women!
I was actually pleasantly surprised to see Helena Bonham Carter on the list, but I think I’m most excited to see her in this movie @galinda
@paulisaverage I already have a feeling some Oscar noms are going to come out of this... I’d give the trailer an Oscar.
This is amazing and I've already made a mental note to go see this next fall!