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This is a live recap for ep 125 'RUNNING MAN' This program will be aired on every sunday in SBS 6:10 PM. HEHEHE So would you want to see me, come here !! actually...not me...hehehe you want 'running man's live recap !!! Anyway have a good day ! Christmas episode HaHa expected actress like Hyo Joo Very large cake set Appeared in Santa brilliantly! Today guest are Park Sang Myeon! Jung Hyung Don! Ryudam! Sin Dong! Jubi train! (actually i don't know well about Jubi train haha) now easily watch this i'll write Sang Myeon > SM Ryudam > dam Hyung Don > don Jubitrain > train Sin Dong just Sin Dong kkk anyway Running Man members disappointed kkk there are not pretty actress~ Don upset coz RM member's attitude (disappointed) train is Buga Kingz's member with Bobby Kim ( you know? haha) anyway today mission is snow fight ~ kwang soo sense of crisis coz Hyung Don steal his Character Dam says why we ride this slow car? jong kook answer this car faster than you kkk mission is one member become Santa and the other man become Rudolph. and middle of the slope dugging the tube and ride the tube and goal in at finish line. after that take on socks then taking the flag . finally taking the flag team is winner~ GaRi playfully don't know about how taking on socks so Ji hyo care of him~ jae suk and Don's tube separate. so they a little late than the other team. Jae suk steal the socks coz Don's strong defense but his barefoot sooooooo cold >< suk Jin take on hat intead of socks kkkkk they massage each other with cold snow~ Flag unplugging the verge remove the socks one kkk so Red team lose then yellow and blue team go Final competition Jae suk says yellow team is nothing if there isn't Jong Kook and Jong kook so easily win the game with his power they seem SM is father and Dam is mother coz their tired face like parents yellow team sliding only tube. and blue team slide wrong partner so they go slope up again yellow team almost win. but the flag not pull out so blue team kwang soo steal their socks. finally winner is yellow~ so they take 4 snowball and semi winner blue team take 2 and red team is nothing next mission name is summer christmas time limit is 1min Dam's body not match this game so Jong Kook irritated him anyway this game rule is the end of the side man moving the other side .All member move in limit time then pass the game~ red team sooooooooooo good but yellow team is bad ㅠㅠ coz Dam's body moving is difficult ~ anyway Dam's gesture so much funny and train's wet hair style resemble G-Dragon in Big Bang so they are laughing Red team's obstruction is Don's body kkkk i think he also has big body like Dam anyway Dam and Jubi train's funny gesture give people to laughing . So people enthusiast Dam and Jubi and yell them Dam Ju~ Dam Ju~ and Red team pass the game in 58 senconds. They are first passer so they take 4 snow ball seating the lottery number. and this game rule is 31game~ you know? each person can eat limit in 5 and finally 31st food take person lose the game ~ later persons level of risk is high. So Jae Juk worried this game so he says this game is devil's game!!! kkkk now kwang soo has key role. so jae suk temtation him that he introduce pretty woman. and kwang soo just eat 1 . but the woman is older than kwang soo kkkk all of this just kidding~ anyway first dropouts is Ji Hyo~ second game SM and Sin Dong just eat nothing strategy. So their team has a risk. if Jong kook leftover eat all then kwang soo drop and just 1 eat then suk Jin out and finally he take suk Jin . So kwang soo out!! 3rd game kook worried coz he out. and finally this game he is target As Don's decision dropout is decided. if Don eat one more then kook died . but he use his power and defense this but finally he out!! this game name is Mini game~ game rule : if kwang soo say number then match this number , people rise Sin dong says he don't drink Juice coz he don't like Juice So people laugh his funny joke yellow team is carefull action coz they just have 4 snowball. but Jubi throwing the ball one so has 3 snowball SM is out by Red team and Red team and blue team Coalition coz yellow team has Jong Kook HaHa is confined but he rise the mountain. and barely live warding off snowball is use for own team one. Don kills haha and he also died by Dam and don is upset coz he hide behind wall during 30min. but he so easily died Anyway finally winner is GARY So Redteam is winner!! Winning products is delicious cookie~ and Penalties is wearing the Red Underwear and riding ski~ Finish :) :) See you soon !