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This really cute cowl pom pom scarf could not be easier to make for yourself or your best friend! With the summer heat approaching, you definitely want to make this out of sheer linen, which is what you see here. The soft yellow pom poms come on a strand from any craft or fabric store and are sold by the yard just like the fabric.
For this project you will need a sewing machine, scissors and cotton thread.
1. Cut out a piece of linen that measures 18" x 56." Do not cut into the finished edge of fabric.
2. Fold over 3/4" twice and press with an iron.
3. Pull back the flap toward the edge and sandwich the pom pom between the linen.
4. Carefully stitch along the edge of the fabric closest to the pom pom without sewing through the pom pom balls. Do this to both sides of the fabric.
5. Place wrong side of fabric together, bringing in the finished edges together and stitch leaving 1/2 inch seam allowance.
Now you're ready to wear it, or gift it to a friend. With easy and fun projects like this one, you're bound to have a fun and stylish summer this year! And since you'll have the sewing machine out for this project, don't forget to click here to make yourself a cute bag from your boyfriend's t-shirt!