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This project soooo reminds me of when I was a kid and visited Nana and Papa in Hoosick Falls, NY! OMG! Nana was always doing needlepoint and crafts. So when I saw this on Purl Bee, I had to clip it, like it and share it with you all.
You can download the free Purl Bee pattern template here or you can just create your own designs, which would be just as cute.

Prep your materials

1. Create yoyos using the cotton fabric and the yoyo maker.
2. Cut out the felt pieces according to the patterns.
3. Get everything lined up and ready to assemble.
As you can see in each of the boxes, the flowers get hand stitched using embroidery thread. They don't have to be perfect because you want it to look handmade, which it is. But not in a mass-produced kind of way. LOL
All you have to do to finish these is hand stitch some barrette clips and hair ties using cotton thread. The embroidery thread will be too thick.