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Poor Mimi, she's been through two failed marriages, a public, paparazzi-documented meltdown...what else? Oh, she's been battling bronchitis, empty seats at Caesar's Palace, dropped by her publicist and refuses to wear Spanx, preferring to be poured into sheer sparkly sausage casings--hand-me-downs from Britney Spears.
Tabloids have been crying wolf, for what seems forever. Published rumors of Carey's on-the-brink-of-bankruptcy front page alerts have been floating around so long they could be used as wrapping paper. However, it could finally be true this time.
As evidenced in her video, all the telltale signs are there; her finances are so dire that she shat an album together, milking it tirelessly with self-promotion and product placement. See for yourself. Infinity looks like a 4-minute too-painful-to-watch advertisement for a Swap-o-rama. Used cds. Tchotchke butterflies. Faded glitter posters. Dime store perfumes. Cell phone ads. Auto mall vehicles. The list goes on.
She has a killer voice. And yes, all the stars use product placement. But this video is so poorly produced, it really does feel like she sat down and negotiated a price for every second and ever pixel.
I actually kinda felt bad writing this card cuz I do love me some Mimi. But she needs to get it together. :/
I can't believe that her Las Vegas gig hasn't been selling all too well. She's freaking Mariah Carey. Everyone must be seeing those videos of her crappily performing during her Asian tour.
Word. Forget Caesar's Palace. The only residency she should be doing right now is at a New Mexican rehabilitation center.