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Remember when we learned a LONG LONG time ago not to believe everything we hear?! Well, Kamp Kris desperately wants you, me and the world of living souls to believe that North West is actual DNA progeny of both Kim and Kanye. With all the fake pregnancies, births and babies floating around YouTube (look up Beyonce Fake Baby), it's hard to know if any of these kids are real or satanic ritual hybrids. You'll have to YouTube that too.
If my sources are correct, then it looks like our very own Kim has been possessed by Kanye himself. He's already publicly stated that his biggest disappointment is that he will never get to see himself perform live. (Glances over at Kris stirring a 5-ton cauldron to Baal.) But because we know that--with the help of Sorceress of Satan, Kris Jenner--Kanye has inexplicably taken possession of Kim, the growing substance inside of her could be a demon or perhaps an immaculate conception of Yeezus.
Take a look at these five tweets that supposedly came from Kim...or more truthfully, the wickedness inside her womb:
A lot of cursing. Some stars. Maniacal laughter. Yep. The signs are all there. Counting out eight months from now...that brings us to February 2016, which co-aligns with the Year of the Monkey according to Chinese Calendar. And if you cross-reference this with the Jewish Lunar calendar and the Gregorian Calendar, this puts Kim's baby's birth on the same blood moon as the Anti-Christ.
LOL It's amazing what you can find on Google. You should have seen the photos that I COULDN'T share! LOL
Hahaha this was published in June but I'm just now seeing this card. hilarious! !! and that picture!!! whoa!!!!!
Yup, that visual is never going to get out of my head now.