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Totally not canon (at least no in JK Rowling's world), but after reading @LizArnone 's card about how big of a missed opportunity the pairing of Ginny/Draco (or really Ginny with anyone else...) was, I had to go see if there were any cosplayers who may have decided to bring that pairing to life!
Sadly, there weren't that many!!! There were more Harry/Hermione or Harry/Draco (don't laugh) cosplay pairs, but I did manage to find a few so I thought I'd share them!! There's a ton of drawings, but I prefer seeing fun cosplay pairings....
The one up (^^) above is pretty clever, especially because we get a confused looking Harry and Pansy in the background, aka some canon pairings.
This one is definitely my absolute favorite. It was the only one that I thought gave any real emotion, and I love how they're just outlines but I can still tell who they're meant to be (probably, because it's titled that way....) Either way, I like it!
This one isn't that well done, but it definitely is one of the strongest pairing photos, and again one of the only ones I could find of this couple!!
And when all us fails, photoshop will always make the "love" feel real, right?
Confused Harry and Pansy in the background of the first one is such a great detail. I'll probably end up shipping Pansy Harry too haha
Draco/Hermione 5ever
@timeturnerjones Omg this is soooooo great!!! I don't know that much about cosplay but I love the one where you only see their outlines. way mysterious for a couple in secret lol. And Im not surprised there is so many harry/draco! Thats one of the more popular fan fictions thats for sure!
@LizArnone I was a little surprised by all the Harry/Draco but I guess its so like the fic world to be into the less traditionally expected pairings hahaha!! @shannonl5 Pansy/Harry would be interesting, haha, I feel like I don't know Pansy enough to know what that'd be like.