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The funny thing about fashion is trend comes and goes. The 90s skorts (aka the fake skirt) used to be called tacky. I used to own a pair of denim skorts but donated to Goodwill before I left for college in 2008. Fast forward to 2015 the skort became the latest fashion craze. It actually started from 2013 when style bloggers were obsessed with ZARA's infamous skort featuring a posh architectural design with side pockets made in cotton fabric. The next thing you know all the cool kids on the block was wearing this edgy little thing.

As seen on fashion trendsetters

During the summer skorts + fitted jacket combo is really popular. (From left to right) Denim jacket, blazer and bomber jacket are great layering pieces especially for the city-chic look.

How should you style it?

While it's fun finding inspiration from the street stylers you want to have your own personality. Below are a few ideas you can adopt.

1. Crop Top + Skort

I love crop top but I hate showing my belly. If you're like me a solid crop top paired with a patterned high-waist skort is a modest way to wear the cut-out trend. Pull your hair back and accessorize with a statement necklace to complete the attire.

2. Fake a Dress

People always tuck in their top with the skort, if you want to be innovative wear a mini chiffon dress as a top. This pairing will lengthen your chiffon dress and give you a sophisticated look. Go minimal with the accessories!

3. Mix and Match

Bring together all the different pieces and making it work is easier than you thank. The key is playing with the cut and contrasting color. For instance, blue and yellow are opposites on the color wheel. The bright yellow brings out a youthful vibe when added to the outfit above.
I always wear spandex or volleyball shorts under my skirts so im happy to see that the skorts are coming back to so i can just wear one item instead of two
I'm so obsessed with those origami skirts in the first photo. The cut is really cool and makes it look a lot fancier than a normal mono-toned skirt.
This is perfect for a summer office attire.
Love the chiffon dress idea! It's refreshing without having to tuck it in.