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Read the raw here: Part 1: Part 2: Ch 156: The chapter begins with Yuki's mom reminiscing the first time she met her husband. She felt envious of Yuki who was able to experience love. Ah I guess it's like that back in the day with the arranged marriage and everything. Yuki is the split image of her mom!! I'd love to see Yuki with braided hair too! Her dad was quite a handsome man but now he's just an obstinate old man >_< The maid came to the hut where Utsumi is and delivered a note from Yuki's mother. The location of Yuki's room is written inside the note. Utsumi thought about what Yuki said about running away with her and wonder what he should do. Utsumi saw the ring necklace on the floor and resolved to go get his girl! Utsumi came through the window, "Yuki! I came to steal you away!" (Well, technically he said "I came to pick you up" but just for the sake of our drama being more dramatic lol) . Utsumi, "Let's run away together!" This gotta be the sweetest scene ever! The servant noticed them and let Yuki's father know. They were gonna chase the 2 by car but the tire was flat. Yuki's father got angry and asked if it was Yuki's mother's doing. Yuki's mother said they should let Yuki go and it was Yuki who chose to go with Utsumi. In the end, she said, "That child is not our possession." What a great mom! The two of them went to a beach. Utsumi started staying many things had happened since they met each other. Yuki wonder if the Seij she met for the first time would think if he could see the current Seij. Yuki asked if Utsumi wont change his mind. Utsumi shook his head and said if he didn't take Yuki away he would have regretted for the rest of his life. Yuki smiled and said nothing can compare the happiness of having the person whom she wants to stay by his side the most chose her and took her hand. "Even if tomorrow won't come and this world disappears, as long as you're with me I can keep going until the end." Utsumi smiled and opened his arm. Yuki ran toward him and they embraced each other and the chapter ends with a kiss~~ This is such a lovely scene. I can really feel their strong feelings toward each other. Next chapter and also last will be out this friday 12/28.
ch 156 already out at
Does anyone listen to music while reading this manga? I've been listening to Cold Play and it seems to fit the manga. Except for the chapter Seiji went with Yuki to the concert, I listen to "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men. Sorry for the rambling. It's nice to talk to people about manga in a friendly manner. :)
noooooooo oh well guess i could wait, it's the last chapter. hope it will be extra long special last chapter hehe
oh it's not this week?
they said sometime later this month. :(
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