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As my obsession with Tangled wasn't strong enough, my dreams are coming true and there is going to be even more in Rapunzel and Flynn's story!! Thank you Disney, and thank you Mashable for letting me know!!!
Basically, a TV that explores Rapunzel (and Flynn's) lives as they get to know her parents, the kingdom, and more of each other is going to be produced. I'm going to have to wait till 2017 (!?!?) for this to come out, but for these guys, I can do it.
I loved the Tangled Ever After short that showed Flynn & Rapunzel's wedding, so I know I'm going to enjoy this, too! I'm also really excited to hear that the original voice actors (Mandy Moore for Rapunzel and Zachary Levi for Flynn) are both on board, which is great because Levi's voice is totally swoon worthy and Flynn wouldn't be the same without it!
There's also apparently some members of the original production crew on board again, which means we'll get the same seamless, beautiful style that we got for the film. AND Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater are going to be writing original music for the opening and series so how could this be more perfect?!
Can you tell that I am excited yet?! Ahhhhhh!!!
Really?? No kidding, right? I am so damn eager now to just skip two years and jump to 2017.. :P
@galinda At least you have until 2017 before you'll totally lose her!! hahaha
Oh God, I feel like I'm going to lose my roommate to this show for forever. She may never leave her room again.