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And here I thought that people usually got drunk before heading out to buy tacos, not the other way around. It seems that Taco Bell will be taking it's chances, though.
In a new location in Wicker Park, Chicago, Taco Bell will be testing out serving beer, wine and frozen alcoholic beverages. Can you say alcoholic Baja Blast?
You can only have the drinks in the store (and no to-go cups). The cups will also look different form normal cups, so as not to make people able to disguise alcohol as soft drinks.
The first image is of the new store in Chicago, and the second image is of a Taco Bell in the UK. See the similarities?
Apparently, this is all part of Taco Bell's big plans to stop looking so grimy, and instead try to look a little more classy. Their stores in the U.K., Seoul and Tokyo all feature more open kitchens and fancy serving baskets, which is apparently working, so they're going to try it in the US as well.
Can they really erase the rumors of Grade D "what's in this" meat, though?
They also plan to get rid of artificial food coloring in 95% of their products, so lets see if Taco Bell can really turn themselves around and become a brand people love--and not just for their drunk good.
They probably figured out that a majority of people that willingly eat Taco Bell are usually drunk lol
I feel like saying 'let's go grab a beer at Taco Bell' is a clear sign that your priorities need reevaluating.
Who is going to be the first to make the Mean Girls reference? Want to do something fun? Want to go to Taco Bell?
@sophiamor Apparently you are hahaha I came down to the comments to do the same thing!!