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New Board Help

hey guys, my birthday was a while ago and im thinking about getting a new board with birthday money. i want to get a DH and freeride deck, so probably a directional single kick with wheelbase around 25 inches. I've been thinking the arbiter kt but i always like more options. and preferably no wheel well flares. let me know if you guys think of any boards!
wolfshark doesn't have a kick tail but it's beast for freeride and downhill. 2012-2014 are best for that imo.
directional single kicks like s9 arrow, earthwing hellcamino, landyachtz peacemaker, remember amerika, comet shred city, bustin yo face
I know Rayne's Demonseed is a great dh board, though maybe a little heavy for freeriding. You could also try Bustin's Ibach - it's a really solid deck which looks cool to boot.
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