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We live in such a world, that we are in a constant race. But why is this race? Against whom we compete? More money will make us happier? Living more simple, will make us less happy? Where are we running? Why do not we stop and enjoy this beautiful city that we are living? Is it more important to be a person who is more respected or who is more loved? I choose to be more loved. We are making projects about our lifes, about our children's lifes. I don't have a child, but I will never make any projects about my future children. Why are we bounding our lifes? How can we decide a child to be an engineer or a doctor? If everyone wants their child to be a doctor, who will be the patient? May be she will be a great artist. How can we dare to play with their future? We always have goals. Earn more money, have a better job, have a bigger house, have a better car, send our children to the best private scholl, live in more secured apartments. Can you leave your keys to your security? or can you ask the security to feed your child after the school when you are at hospital? Who is your neighbor? Do you know their names? Can you trust them? Not anymore! I will live to give the chance to my children to live a better childhood than me, where people know and care each other. A childhood that they can play at the street. A childhood that they can be happy. We all are living in wonderful cities, but how many of us really know our cities? How many of us really enjoy our cities? How many of us really think about the past? How many of us can stop and look around? We are always running. How many of us can take it slow? How many of us can taste a morning cafe without hurry? How many of us can smoke a cigarette till the end? How many of us can call our lover in the middle of the day to say "I love you"?
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Recently, I've been trying to stop the race, while still being in the parts of it that I genuinely enjoy. Isn't that weird? I don't want to be in a race for money or jobs or anything like that, but I like doing work. I like doing some things. I enjoy aspects of that, so how do I choose when it's gone too far and when it's ok.