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No matter what year we are in one style always seems to be on trend: the pixie cut. This hairstyle was popularized by Linda Evangelista, Winona Ryder, and Demi Moore and today we're seeing stars like Faith Hill and Lily Collins embracing the look.

The Updated Pixie

Back in the 90s, the pixie cut is all about androgyny. The hairstyle is characterized by long pointed side burns and choppy bangs. The contemporary pixie is style with longer bangs and softer texture with a hint of volume at the front hairline.
To create this '90s inspired trend, use a mousse like OSiS Grip Volume Extreme Hold Mousse to give it a little polish and femininity. The contrast of the boyish cut and the sleek styling will make sure all eyes are on you.

Style Tip

As seen above, the contemporary pixie is polished and feminine. To recreate this style, you should keep your edges clean, keep the texture soft and use malleable products. I suggest using dry shampoo for volume and defining cream for subtle separation. The purpose is to create a touchable texture.
i wish that i could pull off a pixie.. michelle williams' pixie is the prettiest
I totally wish I had the bone structure to pull this off!
@sophiamor not too long ago! She almost made me chop my hair because it looked so good on her.
WHOA! When did Lily Collins do that!?!?!