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4 Realistic Romance Movies (with Real Love Lessons!!)
I recently had a friend tell me that my "obsession" with romantic movies and rom-coms was probably part of the reason I found it difficult to find real love, in real life. And I think that's kind of ridiculous, because she assumes that I think everything is going to be just like the movies, which is so not the case!
And so, I've put together a list of 3 of my favorite romantic movies that tell a story that is something a lot closer to how love occurs in real life when compared to the cheesy romances that girls love to swoon over! These are the kind of love stories I hope to have someday, not the rom-com, over dramatic Hallmark version!

500 Days of Summer

Let me explain, before everyone is like "but that's the most depressing love story in recent years," because I have my reasons! Basically, it comes down to this: you're not always going to get the one you want. It's just a simple fact of life!
Sometimes, you'll love someone so much and they just don't love you and there's nothing to be done about it. Sometimes, you'll be the one doing the rejecting. Sometimes, you'll think that everything is over because the person you were so sure is the one is gone, and someone else will appear, who you didn't even know existed. Be patient in love as you go through it's ups and downs--the right one will appear eventually!!

Like Crazy

If you haven't seen this one, basically a couple falls crazy in love and ends up having to be separated because of visa and financial issues. It follows the problems of their long distance relationship (of which their are many) and eventually they have to choose if its worth the fight.
Here's the thing you can learn from this: love isn't going to be simple and click into place. There will be times when you want to give up on love, and it'll be up to you if it's time to move on and hope for a different relationship, even if you very much love someone. Love is a choice that you can make, and you can decide when to pursue and when it's time to let go!

My Best Friend's Wedding

Boy and Girl are best friends. Boy gets engaged. Girl realizes she's in love with him. Girl decides to change things.
Regardless of how this turns out for these two friends (I'm not going to ruin it for you, but seriously go watch it), here's what you need to learn: you should always communicate your feelings, but remember, they won't always be returned, so don't expect them to be. Sometimes, the timing is wrong. Sometimes, it's perfect and you'll find your happy moment. But remember that you can never get there if you don't go for it!
While what other people decide may not always match up with what you want, that's part of life. Remember that a lot of the time, letting go gives you room for new beginnings and a new shot at happiness!

Bridget Jones' Diary

When you think you love someone and someone else seems to love you, things get complicated, and yes, these kinds of things really do happen in real life (my best friend is going through one at her workplace currently!!!) Sometimes you'll have to choose between your really hot coworker and that guy you never thought of romantically until now, and it will be difficult because the world has taught you to go for the hot one (sorry, it's true!)
So remember to that choosing the right one is often not easy at all, but those who you once never even considered could end up being perfect for you. Be open to possibilities, and don't choose someone unless its you (not society!!) that knows they're right for you.

What romantic movie do you think is pretty realistic?

I also thought of some others, but didn't include them all!
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I think 500 days of summer was good for showing that you can't hang all of your hopes on the image you have constructed in your head about a person. As for my favorite love story? I have to be cheesy about is and say Pride & Prejudice, which I totally only watched because my gf made me.
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Hahaha sure sure @VinMcCarthy your gf “made” you ;) Both @timeturnerjones and I are big P&P fans. I think even though the story takes place a long time ago, it’s very relevant and relatable.
2 years ago·Reply
@galinda 500 Days of Summer is for sure great! But yeah galinda I really hated the ending, too, like we didn't need to actually hear that Autumn was coming because I'm pretty sure he probably didn't learn anything, in the end, if he's going to repeat the same thing! That was the one part I wish they had left out!! @VinMcCarthy I can't believe I didn't think to put Pride and Prejudice, ahhh hahah!! @nicolejb is right, its one of my faves, but I guess I didn't think of it because it does take place in such a different time. I do think adaptations of it (like Bridget Jones, and even Bride and Prejudice if you've ever seen it) can serve as a good modern example.
2 years ago·Reply
@timeturnerjones LOL you missed your chance to come and add it on!! :) No worries, there's always more movies I could have listed, thus why I wanted everyone to join in!
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Woah, Bridget Jones is an adaptation of P&P! I never realized it!!
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