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Alright guys, so next up in my series of what I might as well call the "I really don't understand love" cards, I have a question for everyone:

What made you finally give up on that one person?

The one who you dated, or you spent time with, that you really thought you could love, but they just never gave in to giving it a try?
What made you stop begging for their love, and start focusing on recovering form it, and moving on to a love that would bring you more happiness?
@Christina Bryce i have talked to him abov it many times in many different ways. i have done nothing but talk for collectively about 8 months over a period of two years, thats all the time i had with him. during all that time, with my love, care, kindness, patience and forgivness in all of its consistancy, he never even made one attempt at progress. hes sadistic and beyond reach and so is the case with all narcissiists. if i were you, if you are in a relationship with one, what i would do is manipulate him, hurt him and leave him because he deserves it and its as close to justice as he will most likely ever come in this life. if i had it to do over again, thats what i would have done.
Thanks @melissamae and @christinabryce for ur advice. I have tried talk8ng to him number of times. @melissamae. . u have rightly said in ur narcissism post... he is very manipulative and easliy gets away with his biggest mistakes which includes bigamy bit holds me at stake for my smallest blunder. I just don't wish to continue and get over with my relationship. I am seeking help to get out of this and need help to recover from my love addiction.
@peeyuu I agree with @MelissaMae here. Have you been able to ever talk to him about this? Or, is it not possible to even bring it up?
@esha Lol yes that can totally happen! @MelissaMae and you totally made the right choice....clearly he doesn't realize what he's missing, or, it just sadly wasn't meant to be!! You'll find someone better for you!! @ChristinaBryce Yeah, just get out of that nasty situation!!
Final straw - while I was recovering from open heart surgery (at 27) he told me he was dating someone else, wanted a divorce, and that our daughter and I needed to move out so that he could move her in...after 6 years of marriage. He gave me a written list of "demands" and said he'd "consider" ending the relationship with the 21yr old pregnant red-head if I met his...ummm...requirements. I finally accepted that I had been married to an abuser who would never change and I got the hell out of there!! Now, I'm remarried to the love of my life, my partner in crime. I'm a heart patient...he's a doctor...it all works out! 馃榿 PS - The best revenge is keeping your integrity intact and enjoying a life lived well! 馃挏
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