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You would think beauty tools are pretty much self-explanatory but apparently it's not. If you ever wonder why your bobby pins never hold or mousse always weigh down your hair I have the answer for you. It's pretty simple: you're using it the wrong way.
Bobby Pins
For the longest time I've been using bobby pins with the wavy side up but I found out that's the wrong way. The correct way to use a bobby pin is having the wavy side down, against your scalp. Using it this way grip your hair better and prevents it from sliding out.


You've been taught to use Qtips to clean your ears but this can actually cause damage to your eardrums. The ear wax are actually pushed in further if you use qtips. The best way to clean your ears is use an ear syringe.


Pumping the bottle directly into your hands and apply it through your hair actually weighs your hair down. The correct way to use it is pump the product onto your brush and and run it through your wet hair. This will won't cause clumps and will ensure your hair is not over-coated with mousse.
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Mind blowing. I've been using all of these the wrong way. :(
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I once had someone tell me that you arent actually supposed to SEE the bobby pins. I told them they were crazy ahhaah
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