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Outdoor weddings are simply stunning but the heat? Not so much. Brides and bridesmaid's biggest concern of an outdoor ceremony is their hair and makeup won't make it through the day. We can blame humidity for that. No one wants their makeup to melt on a special day, so whether you're party of the bridal party or simple just a guest you want to look your best 'til sundown.

Here's a beauty guide to survive the heat!

1. Sunscreen - It's something you should already be doing but if not do it now.
2. Oil-Free Primer - This is the secret to keeping your makeup in place.
3. Setting Power - Using a translucent powder and a setting spray for a long-lasting makeup.
Avoid using cream shadows because it can crease and melt (especially if you have oily skin). Use a powder finish shadow and waterproof liquid eyeliner and mascara to prevent “raccoon eyes.”
Your main goal is to keep frizz and flyways at bay. Use an anti-humidity smoothing cream or serum to make every picturesque moment hair-off your face.
Urban decay eye shadow primer can keep the lids from creasing.
this is perfect for How To Survive South Florida Weddings
@mikayla I'll have to try that one. I have a Sephora gift card that needs some breaking in, but I didn't really know what I actually wanted/needed. That one's going to be at the top of my list!
@danidee Benefit's POREfessional face primer is one of my favorite. It soften the appearance of pores and matify my skin.
Is there an oil-free primer you'd recommend? I've tried a few samples of the Smashbox ones, and while they're alright, they're sort of JUST alright. I'm sure there's much better ones out there.
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