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Even though it is not easy to exercise during lunch, it helps to develop and regain your confidence, especially for girls. Here are some tips on how you can go about exercising during lunch to diet. 1) Do not perform any exercise which requries you to sweat alot. As compared to running, it may be a better idea to do weight training instead. Even though the exercise may not cause you to perspire much,you are still exercising. This has been advised by health trainer of Jessica Alba and Harley Bailey. 2) Let your body cool down If you have to do cardiovascular exercises, use a cold towel to cool your body down so that you would not sweat as much. This has been advised by famous Amy Dixon from Santa Monica. Before going to work, wrap your towel with ice and leave it in a small ice box to bring to work and leave it in the refrigerator. To prevent yourself from perspiring too much after exercise, drink cold cater after your exercise so that your body temperature can be lowered quickly. 3) Do not shower Instead of showering, wipe your body and the sweat off instead. For ladies who do not have dry skin, you can use wet wipes. 4) Use a dry shampoo instead of washing your hair According to a yoga columnist of a health magazine in new york, simply use a dry shampoo to wash up. After which, bun up your hair up or tie it into a ponytail to prevent yourself from further sweating. 5) Put on a light make up and back to work you go This is because putting on a heavy make up can cause your make up to smear as your body has not cooled down completely yet. Hence simply only put on what is necessary and do not over make up!