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Today's Lyric of the Day comes from the other side of the pond - it's London-based The Clientele. This one more or less speaks for itself, so I'll just get to it.
From their 2005 record "Strange Geometry," the fifth track, "E.M.P.T.Y." stands out, asking a cutting question:
"What is the color and the number
When happiness begins?"
For me, the lyric is critiquing the attempt to make something like happiness tangible: we want to simplify everything -- even basic human emotions -- to numbers and colors. It encourages us to remember that it's OK to be confused about some things. Let happiness confound us and appear randomly - because when it's organic and unquantified, happiness is at its best.
LOL Alasdair MacLean. Alasdair MacLean and Jarvis Cocker need to battle it out for Ultimate British Dude Name.
Thanks! The Clientele are great, with tons of lyrics like this. They come at subjects like this from a really perceptive angle. My brother met the lead singer once (Alasdair MacLean - have you ever heard a more British name?) and said he was a really classy guy. No surprise.
This song is so early 2000s-style indie-pop, which is a compliment because I feel like a lot of great indie bands were coming out around that time. I love that last sentence too. We should look to our moments of 'organic happiness' the same way we look to what we've achieved.