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Today's Lyric of the Day comes from the other side of the pond - it's London-based The Clientele. This one more or less speaks for itself, so I'll just get to it.
From their 2005 record "Strange Geometry," the fifth track, "E.M.P.T.Y." stands out, asking a cutting question:
"What is the color and the number
When happiness begins?"
For me, the lyric is critiquing the attempt to make something like happiness tangible: we want to simplify everything -- even basic human emotions -- to numbers and colors. It encourages us to remember that it's OK to be confused about some things. Let happiness confound us and appear randomly - because when it's organic and unquantified, happiness is at its best.
This song is so early 2000s-style indie-pop, which is a compliment because I feel like a lot of great indie bands were coming out around that time. I love that last sentence too. We should look to our moments of 'organic happiness' the same way we look to what we've achieved.
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Thanks! The Clientele are great, with tons of lyrics like this. They come at subjects like this from a really perceptive angle. My brother met the lead singer once (Alasdair MacLean - have you ever heard a more British name?) and said he was a really classy guy. No surprise.
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LOL Alasdair MacLean. Alasdair MacLean and Jarvis Cocker need to battle it out for Ultimate British Dude Name.
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