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Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley at LAX exemplifies star-quality airport style. Basics plus a great coat and carry-all bag get the job done.
When you're traveling, style isn't always the first thing on your mind. Whether you're waking up early to catch a flight and can't bother to put on makeup or even real pants, or spending the whole day on airplanes, fashion only seems like a hassle. But for those of you who hate the stress but want to mimic the stars caught on camera looking fabulous at the airport, follow my simple steps! I promise I won't make you wear high heels or a full face of makeup (then again, if you want to, that's all you...).

The most basic skinny jeans, tee, and jacket combination is a classic, and easily upgraded with cute booties.

Kate Bosworth is an airport style star in that she never tries to wear anything uncomfortable or impractical, but always looks great nonetheless. Follow her masterful use of the classic combo of flattering, dark-wash skinny jeans and a simple top with a staple of a jacket, plus the booties. You don't need to run out and buy her snakeskin pair, but any booties will instantly look chicer than sneakers or even flats.

One great print can dress up the drabbest of outfits.

As Victoria Justice demonstrates above in LAX, all black can be brightened up with one vivid print. Though she opted for leather pants, black skinny jeans or a softer trouser can be an easy alternative. A sweater or sweatshirt in a bright, colorful print will look like a deliberate choice when off-setting otherwise simple black staples.

A big scarf makes your outfit look chic while keeping you warm on the air-blasted plane.

Nicole Richie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Hilary Duff all went for otherwise simple ensembles, but their oversize grey scarves drape to make even jeans and a t-shirt look fashionable. The scarf doubles as a blanket on the often freezing flight, or can be wrapped up into a makeshift pillow. You can also follow these ladies' lead by topping off the simlest outfit with a black jacket, which looks classically chic paired with the draped scarf.

If you're ready to wear a dress on the plane, go for something drapey, and wear leggings under it.

A dress doesn't have to be a travel no-no, and if you wear a loose and drapey dress, it can look dressed-up without being too much. A comfortable dress can accomodate the airplane bloat, and leggings underneath will keep you warm and covered up. Note that Heidi Klum wears high-heels as well, but I am in no way advocating you do the same. A versatile leather jacket is a travel necessity, and allows your dress to look appropriate for any casual setting, allowing you to carry on your post-travel plans without having to stop and change after the flight.

If you must wear leggings on the plane, pair them with a tunic and cute shoes for a comfortable, put-together look.

Diane Kruger makes comfy leggings look sophisticated with brogues and a shirtdress. Leggings can definitely be an acceptable airport choice if you cover your butt with a long top or tunic that dresses them up. Remember, just because you're flying, doesn't mean sweats are suddenly fashionable! Follow Diane's example and pair softer, stretchier pieces with more structured classics to avoid a spandex pile-up or full-on sweatsuit.

Lastly, never forget sunglasses!

No one ever said you had to put on eye makeup for that early-morning flight, but if you wear a cool pair of sunglasses like all the celebrities do, no one will notice the bags under your eyes. Similarly, if your hair is a mess, a hat can be a fashionable asset (as long as you avoid the trucker hat!). Pull your hair back into a ponitail or sleek bun like Kendall and Kim do, forgo the makeup, and cover up with shades instead of concealer. You're good to go!
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Victoria and I totally have similar tastes. Mostly black and classic but with a bright pop of color.