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Gigi Hadid, master of the model-off-duty style, is known for mixing casual and professional. Her cut-offs, band tee, and flip-flops are dressed up with a chic tweed jacket, ladylike bag, and feminine touches. See how to get her look below.
Start with a basic band tee.
Gigi's Wonder Woman tank is Junk Food and can be found here, but I'm a strong believer that vintage-style tees don't need to be splurged on. Major thrift stores like Goodwill carry tons of worn-in band and logo tees that have the perfect vibe to tuck into jeans or shorts, and could stand in for Gigi's. If you aren't comfortable getting something used, go for the faux-used graphic tee, seen above, which you can find here.
Next are the cutoff jean shorts.
Gigi's pair are Rag & Bone, found here if you want a major splurge. Find a pair that hits below the belly button, but aren't low-waisted. For Gigi's rocker vibe, go for a charcoal grey color that's a little distressed around the hem and can be rolled once or twice. Cheaper pairs above can be found here and here.
Now for that great tweed jacket.
I think tweed doesn't deserve its stuffy reputation. When a mock-tweed style is used on a simply cut jacket that's anything but a traditional blazer, it adds instant chic without looking like a middle-aged librarian would wear it. As Gigi demonstrates, it can be utilized to dress up the most casual of outfits, or give a rocker-turned ladylike vibe. Find similar styles here and here.
A structured, classic handbag is a necessity.
Gigi's is Zadig et Voltaire here but you definitely don't need to drop a grand to get her look. A leather or imitation leather handheld bag with a little structure is all you need, and I recommend black like Gigi's only because it's a classic and goes with anything, plus you don't need to obsess over it getting dirty. Find options here and here.
Gigi's sunglasses are a major trend for the summer.
The round cat-eye hybrid is all over the place right now, and definitely doesn't need to be an investment piece. As I mentioned here, you can find the hybrid lenses here, but look around and you can find a round pair of cat-eye glasses at every major retailer, and can usually be found for $30 or under if you're a savvy shopper!
Final touches are flip-flops and dainty jewelry.
Gigi wears run-of-the-mill flip-flops, but her unique polished-casual outfit transforms them. Any basic black flip-flops will do, plus a couple of dainty necklaces. Cheap but sweet necklaces can be found here and here, to name a few places, or if you're crafty, you can DIY your own!
That's it! And now you might as well be the next it-girl model.
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I love that black bag with the tassle. It's like a classic structure with a twist.