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On this Throwback Thursday, I wanted to see what my favorite cast from the early 2000s was up to now. Lizzie McGuire and her friends helped me get through all the important middle school experiences like dances, picture day and getting picked last during gym class.
1. Hilary Duff: from awkward eighth grader to successful book publisher, Hilary Duff now stars in Younger, TV Land's newest show, which I highly recommend.
2. LaLaine: the cast member with the coolest name is now starring in some smaller films and has a fairly successful music career.
3. Adam Lamberg: Gordo was the object of my middle school self's affection, but he has since quit acting, now living and working in NYC (I'll keep my eye out for him).
4. Ashlie Brillault: she once played Lizzie's arch nemesis, but is now a lawyer in California, and is still close friends with Hilary Duff.
5. Clayton Snyder: Ethan Craft was the ultimate crush of pretty much every middle school girl. He recently returned to acting, and you can read all about him in the Reddit Ask Me Anything he did a few months ago.
love this show, still plays on disney on wednesdays
No way!! I'm going to choose to believe this rumor until someone denies it..
I think it's funny that the popular girl one ended up becoming a lawyer. That's seriously unexpected hahaha.
@galinda @LauraFisher SCANDALLLL. Also lol, her brother looks SO DIFFERENT now.
Okay, can't find original article but they definitely "hang out" together a lot ;)
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