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Obviously the movie lineup for the next few years has already been announced and most of those projects are already underway. But for those of us who STILL can't get enough, heres a list of characters from the comics that we all wish we could see in screen sometime soon (hey Netflix, are you taking notes?)

America Chavez

Her alias is Miss America, and she is one tough hero. She's got superhuman speed and strength, and bullrts are basically no big deal for her. As America herself pointed out: "the laws of physics can kiss her ass". She's unbreakable. Currently part of the Young Avengers team in the comics, now would be a great time for the MCU to start building towards a new Avengers team (especially since the events of Civil War are likely going to dismantle the one we already have, and the actors' contracts won't keep getting extended indefinitely... probably).

Jean-Paul Beaubier

Because Northstar is a mutant (and has ties to the X-men), for a while it seemed like there wasn't a chance for him to be featured in any of the Avengers films. Clearly the MCU found a way around that with Wanda and Pietro (who were not only mutants but the children of Magneto), so it's not impossible. He has a history of alienating himself from the teams he's worked with, and is often seen fighting alone. And he was one of the first openly gay heroes in the Marvel universe, which woukd add some necessary representation to the canon.

Yelena Belova

Ruthless and single-minded, Yelena is another product of The Red Room. Which means she's often pitted against Natasha and S.H.I.E.L.D. But her story is complex enough to carry her through more than just a villain of the week storyline. She's extremely loyal to those that trained her, but a lot of her loyalty comes from the brainwashing and loss of identity she's been subjected to. And now that S.H.I.E.L.D. is in such a vulnerable position (thanks to the events of CATWS) an antagonist like Yelena would be at an advantage.

Miles Morales

Ok, so Peter Parker's origin story has been done. Like, really done. So now that Sony has given up the rights to the Spider-Man character, why not take it in a new direction? Like Peter Parker, Miles doesn't want to be a hero, but he realizes that someone needs to step up and do the job. Instead of boring audiences with another dead Uncle Ben story, the MCU could surprise them with Miles, whose origin story is a little more complicated (and not as moralistic).

Monica Chang

How many people know about Nick Fury's wife? Not enough. She's fierce and frankly terrifying and now that Nick has ceded over control of S.H.I.E.L.D. she seems like the perfect candidate to take over. (Sure, we all love Coulson, but he is short an arm).
@VinMcCarthy for sure, this is definitely a hopeful list. Especially since we're getting Spider-Man in Civil War, I'm holding out hope that eventually some lesser - known characters like Jean-Paul have shot too. I agree about the need for representation. I would have included Kamala Khan on this list but with the upcoming Ms. Marvel still a few years away movie I wouldn't expect to see her any time soon.
I think these are all really good potential inculsions to the MCU. I think representation should be a top priority for Marvel right now. The fans are clamoring for a black or latino spider-man. The only this is that Jean-Paul Beaubier wouldn't be able to get into a Marvel movie, because Fox has the rights to the X-Men. Wanda and Pietro were in A:AoU because they had been avengers in the comics before. (They're also now canonically not Magneto's children, and are now classified as Inhumans as opposed to Mutants. Gotta love ret-conning)