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93 never looked better!!!

The legendary actress is redefining what it means to get old and she's not wasting any time proving that you're never too old to join Instagram! She joined on Wednesday following her series finale of sitcom, 'Hot In Cleveland'.

She gained almost 14,000 followers before even posting a picture!

She may be 93 but she's definitely young at heart. She has 1.2 million followers on Twitter so I'm sure her follower count on Instagram is about to sky rocket!
You know for sure I'm going to give her a follow.....DUH.
The caption on her picture read : "For my first Instagram post I wanted to say how much I love these girls dearly. What a great time we had. #HOTFinale #ThanksForTheLaughs "
The picture has over 4,100 likes putting you to shame on your own Insta game ;)


@esha Truth. Betty White is ultimate wifey material. I also sort of love that she has only really posted one picture so far??
Betty White's star will never tarnish.
I love Betty White! Whatever happened to that Punk'd-style TV show she was doing??
but becoz' she is 'Betty White'. If she's any ordinary 93-year old woman, who cares?