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One size fits all. One size fits most.
Thats the tags that litter every store geared towards teens and young adults trying to keep up with the fashion treads. Cropped tops, hats, sweaters, all marketed to magically fits everyones body type.
Obviously, because every person is around 5’8, size 4-6 with nice long legs and b-cup boobs its been working out perfectly right? I cant even keep myself from rolling my eyes.
Don't even get me started on the idea of one size fits all PANTS. I cant even find jeans that remain the same number in different stores; and they actually have a size. This is not sisterhood of the traveling pants.
Full disclosure, I can not actually tell you want size pants I am. How can I know when instead of having them sold by our measurement (like the boys pants), we have to somehow morph ourselves into sizes 00-30?
Where the hell do these sizes even come from? Genuinely, someone please tell me because I don't understand what makes me an 8 in jeans from JC Penny, a 10 in Jeans from American Eagle and a size that doesn't even exist in Abercrombie and Fitch. It took 14 year old me a while to get over that fact.
So I found some AWESOME videos to both laugh at and increase some solidarity that shopping is hard for pretty much everyone!
This video focuses on all types of "one size fits all" clothing
This video shows just how stupid it is to think jeans could be a "one size fits all". SO DUMB
If you get anything from this I hope it was a few laughs and the knowledge that clothing stores are not promoting healthy, positive body images. Forget about the made up sizes and just find stuff that makes you love yourself the second you put it on!! Ignore the tag…well maybe not the price tags because I don't know about you but sometimes I have some pretty expensive tastes.
Happy Summer Shopping!! You will find something you love the second you stop confining yourself to numbers that don't even exist!
oh and on that website that remains unnamed… one size was an xs to Med… so one size fits NOT ME! that was three thought I had while shopping. it feels very shameful and disappointing. they should abolish sizes and just go my measurements. I know mine so if all clothing companies just did away with women's sizes and put measurements on their labels instead it would be so much easier to shop.
I usually look at size charts when shopping online bc I know my measurements and ignore the sizes. I was on one site and size 2x was a size 8/10 measurement. it was supposedly plus size! really? crazy. I just bought a pair of jeans size 14. I know darn well I'm a 16 or 18 normally. I just try on all the sizes to find what fits and makes me feel good. when I find a brand I like I go back to it again. I love amethyst jeans bc they have a multitude of cuts and styles so there is something for everyone. I look and feel great in their low rise fit and flare style. now I know my size and style in their brand so I will go back when I need a new pair. $30 at Gordman's.
@galinda that is my nightmare. I was in this shop in Amsterdam and they had the coolest clothes and i kept looking though the sizes, it took me 20 minutes to realize they only sold sizes 1,3, and 5. I felt like i was in mean girls lmfao
@AngelJoong86 it would save so many tears and shame by stupid sizing that is happening now UGHHHH
@AngelJoong86 yesssssss I just wish women sizes we t by measurements
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