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Josh Duggar, one of the 19 children in hit reality tv show '19 Kids and Counting' confessed to have molested five girls, four of whom were his own sisters. The other girl was a childhood babysitter. Though the Duggar parents have referred to his molestation as only 'improper touching', it has been discovered that the touching happened over the clothes and even under. Jim Bob, the father of the Duggar family, did note that it was not rape but many disagree. Fox News has been in close contact with the Duggars recently conducting an interview between the Dugger parents, two of the victims, and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly this past Wednesday.
Many critics of the Duggars have claimed that the Duggars are merely hypocrites preaching ideals of good morals and conservative values. Yet, they had one secret of molestation kept under wraps. Though Josh's molestation happened between the ages of 14-15, many are claiming that Josh is a pedophile. In Touch weekly broke the news driving the family to address the situation.
Isn't ironic that the family who called other people sinners are actually sinners themselves?
Personally, I'm upset that the parents are downplaying this incident hiding behind religious principles that don't apply to the situation. They keep throwing the word 'forgive' around yet seem to miss the fact that FOUR of their own daughters were molested and they seem to have a lack of sympathy. The girls molested are said to be 'crushed' at the news since they are victims and are terribly upset this has been revealed. Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald are the two sisters who have confirmed publicly that they have indeed been molested by their brother Josh. THIS IS SO SAD.
Here's the full interview... definitely did an *eye-roll* towards the Duggars after their responses..
19 Kids And Counting is facing a high possibly of being cancelled. TLC has yanked all reruns of the show from its daily programming. Most investors and advertisers have withdrew their support saying they would not support the show any further due to the scandal.

Only time will tell to see if the show returns... I vote it shouldn't.

This is such a creepy scandal. I'm glad that the show got cancelled. A lot of those people from the TLC shows are so insane.
AGREED. I'm glad the show has lost investors. The statute of limitations for the victims has passed (thanks to the irresponsible way law enforcement handled the case), but at least the court of public opinion is speaking, and it's saying that this kind of behavior is repugnant.