Of all the surprising TV deaths, Susan Ross on Seinfeld is arguably the most random as she keels over after licking toxic glue from wedding invitations.
Today, Jason Alexander gave Seinfeld fans some insight into the decision to kill Susan.
Alexander told Howard Stern that he and Heidi Swedberg, the actress who played Susan, had bad comedic chemistry, and eventually a joke about killing her off came to fruition.
Plenty of fans complained about her death and its abruptness. Personally, I thought her death happened in true Seinfeld fashion - random, ridiculous, a bit cold, but ultimately, pretty funny.
This news mainly just makes me miss Seinfeld and leaves me counting down the days until it's available to stream on Hulu (June 24th, everyone). Until then, Seinfeld fans, I recommend the hilarious Twitter account @SeinfeldToday. It will remind you that it truly is "a show about nothing".
@beywatch - i know right. i heard the 50 shades of grey cast members hated each other - that would have been a much different story.
Man, imagine if more TV shows killed people off based on chemistry problems. I have a feeling all the popular shows we watch would be so different lol.