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Organization is key to an efficient kitchen. So is having the right tools. Over the next few weeks, I'd like to highlight cost-effective tools that will help even beginner cooks elevate their kitchen to pro-status! Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite food prep tools: Crate&Barrel's 10-Piece Set of Glass Nesting Bowls.
The ten bowls range in diameter from 2.25 inches to 10.25 inches, which means there's one for everything. They're perfect for pre-meal prep, because you can chop, mince, measure, and weigh all your ingredients in advance, and keep them close at hand until – poof! – you're ready to casually toss them in the pan like a celebrity chef. I like to use the smallest bowl (more of a tiny cup, really) for minced garlic or pre-portioned spices and herbs, while the mid-sized bowls are perfect for diced onions, sliced veggies, pre-measured sugar and flower, liquids, fresh-picked garden produce, and so much more.


The bowls are dishwasher-safe, so they're a breeze to clean, and microwave-safe as well, so you can use them for things like melting butter. They're also great for storing fresh fruit and the like in the fridge, because their clear glass walls make it super easy to see what's inside!


+ Makes cooking simpler and more organized
+ Keep your ingredients close at hand, while keeping mess to a minimum
+ Extremely versatile
+ Dishwasher and microwave safe


– Glass, so may chip; but mine have been banged around a bit and don't have a single scratch on them!
Find these awesome bowls in-store or online at Crate&Barrel for $29.95. I think the price is more than worth it for the durable, high-quality product you're getting, and how much you'll use them! I know I break these out every single time I cook or bake now, even if just to keep my eggs from rolling away (lol). They're a great buy, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!!
@danidee I am so looking forward to moving into my new apartment for the same reason: DREAM KITCHEN. I'm going to invest in so many cooking essentials!! And @caricakes that's awesome!! I need to take a cooking class!! Where did you take yours?
I used to take cooking classes and my teacher was obsessed with 'mise en place' so I am now a cooking prep QUEEN!
I should invest in nesting bowls. I feel like I use the strangest things to get my cooking done because I don't have such a bowl range like that. Once I move into my new place, I'm going to have to really upgrade my collection.