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Finally a Big Bang release I can reeeeeally jam to. But serious TOP, do you really have to wear a freaking TURTLE NECK AND TRENCHCOAT TO THE POOL?! Seriously?!
out of the recent singles, which is your fav? This one has my vote.
Sorry to any One Direction fans, but...not possible...they can't hold a candle to Big Bang.
Ahhhhhhhh there were legit tears (இ﹏இ`。) Tears of joy! I loooooove MVs like this! It was so sweet getting the fans involved and the song is so good!!! I adore my boys and I adore this MV for sure<3
Aigoo!! I love them so much XD Ummm....all of them are my favourite (Loser, BAE BAE, Bang Bang Bang, We Like 2 Party) They are all DAEBAK!!! <3
The mv was really good but if I were to choose Loser is my favorite
@aabxo I don't think it's similar to One Direction in any way. But then again, I'm not a One Direction fan so I might just not be seeing it.
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